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Syracuse and its history

  • Syracuse Landmarks : An AIA Guide to Downtown and Historic Neighborhoods, by Evamaria Hardin, Jon Crispin (Photographer), foreword by Dick Case. 1993. Syracuse University Press; ISBN: 0815602731.

    The most complete and authoritative volume on architecture in the Syracuse area, period.  There are few entries at this website that do not draw at least some of their information from this excellent resource.

  • A Stop on the Underground Railroad: Rev. J.W. Loguen & Syracuse, by J. W. Loguen, John Thomas. 2001. Hofmann Press; ISBN: 0970051913.

    Taken from the 1859 biography entitled “The Rev. J.W. Loguen as a Slave and as a Freeman,” this work follows Loguen's life from when he first arrives in Syracuse in 1841 and becomes a preacher and underground railroad depot conductor to his participation in the famous Jerry Rescue in which a fellow fugitive slave was arrested and shackled by Federal marshals in 1851.

  • Good Guys, Bad Guys, Big Guys, Little Guys : Upstate New York Stories from the Syracuse Herald-Journal, Herald American, by Dick Case. 1995. Syracuse Newspapers; ISBN: 0962915998.

    Humorous and touching stories from Syracuse history.

  • Greater Syracuse : Center of an Empire (Urban Tapestry Series), by Roy A. Bernardi, Charles F. Wainwright, Fred Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Hardcover. 1998. Towery Publications; ISBN: 1881096645.

    Large, glossy book with lots of recent photographs.

  • Architecture worth saving in Onondaga County, by Harley J. McKee, Patricia Day Earle, Paul Malo and Peter Andrews. 1964. Syracuse University School of Architecture, c1964. (Out of print).

    A catalogue and celebration of local buildings "worth saving."

  • The Greek revival in Syracuse : an historical survey and analytical study, by Leslie O. Merrill. Syracuse University Library, Call number: NA 735 .S9 M6.

    A survey of Greek revival architecture in Syracuse between 1820 and 1855, including over 200 illustrations.

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