Forman Park

Postcard circa 1910
(Source: Onondaga County Library)

The land for this park was donated to the city by local entrepreneurs in 1839.  The park has had its ups and downs over the years.  In 1870 it was declared an eyesore and a local improvements association was formed, funded generously by Chester Yates, owner of the Yates Castle.  The land was landscaped, an iron fence was installed around the periphery and a fountain was placed at its center.  Little by little, landscaping and hardware disappeared from the park.  The installation of the Redfield in 1908 was the last major improvement the park was to see until it the 1980's when its landscaping was refurbished.  With the noise and fumes of the Interstate 81 now just to the west, the space is much less hospitable that in previous times.




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