Gordon Almond Wright

Gordon Wright was born in Massena, NY. and graduated from the Department of Architecture, Syracuse University. In 1892 he set up his architectural office in Syracuse. According to his obituary, he was head of the S.U. Architectural Department from 1891-92 and taught at the school from 1893-94.

From 1931 to 1938, Charles R. Ellis was his partner. His daughter Marjorie, who had studied architecture at Syracuse University, was associated with the firm from 1919 until her death in 1949.

Public Buildings

  • Municipal Building of Fayetteville, 1938, Fayetteville, NY (Marjorie Wright, designer, Gordon Wright, architect). Extant.


Business, Banking and Light Industry


  • Onondaga General Hospital, 1920, 415 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

Schools and Buildings for Community Organizations

Apartment Houses and Residences

  • Judge William S. Andrews Res. "Wolf Hollow," 1914 Onondaga Rd., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • C. C. Bradley Jr. Res., 1916, 1627 James St. Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

  • Alexander Brown Res., 1895, W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Mrs. Burnett G. Britcher Res., 1920, 306 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Dr. Bernard Clausen Res., 1921, 862 Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • J.F. Berry residence, c 1920, 110 Dorset Road, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Thomas W. Dixson Res., 1915, 422 Marshall St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Thomas Dixon Res., 1941, 917 Valley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Dr. Fred Flaherty Res., 1927, 3606 James St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Mr. Martin F. Grossman Res., 1925, 302 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Albert F. Hills Res., 1927, 205 Sedgewick Drive, Syracuse, NY., Extant

  • C. W. Hilton Res., Syracuse, NY.

  • George S. Larrabee Res., c 1900, 304 Walnut Place, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Mrs. W.H. MacMillan Res., 1926, 713 Salt Springs Rd. Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Mr. C. L. Rosenberger, Syracuse, NY.

  • Samuel B. Sisson Res., 1930, 107 Windsor Place, Syracuse, NY. Extant

  • Gordon Wright Res., c 1924, 326 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Francis H. McChesney Res., 1922/23, 304 Summit Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • 302 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • 330 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Kappa Alpha Theta, Chi Chapter Hs., 1927/28, 306 Walnut Place, Syracuse, NY. Extant (Marjorie Wright, designer).

  • Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Hs., 1923, 113 College Place, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Roosevelt Arms Apartments, 1930/31, 1445 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

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