Taylor & Bonta

After Alfred Taylor, a native of Montclair, N.J., graduated from M.I.T., he was first associated with architectural firms in New York City.  He then moved to Syracuse where he established an office in 1902. From 1905-1907 he was in partnership with Albert L. Brockway

In 1907, Edwin W. Bonta graduated from M.I.T. and moved to Syracuse to work for Taylor. From 1908-1924, the firm was listed as Taylor & Bonta. In 1920, Bonta worked in Japan where he was associated with Vories & Co., a firm of Japanese and American architects who built American-style hospitals and commercial buildings near Kyoto.

From 1925-29 Edwin W. Bonta was listed as being in business by himself.


  • Temple of Concord, 1911, Madison St. & University Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • All Saints Episcopal Church, 1923, 1230 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

Schools and Buildings for Community Organizations

  • The University Club, 1917 Fayette Park, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • YWCA Building, 1918, Montgomery St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

Light Industry

  • Two-story concrete and brick factory for the manufacture of gear for Brown-Lipe-Chapin, 1918, Seneca St. Syracuse, NY. Extant (?)


  • Alfred Taylor Res., 1905, 408 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Residence, 1908, 4 Brattle St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Residence, 1908, 6 Brattle St., Syracuse, NY. Extant

  • Martin Knapp Res., 1911, 404 Piercefield Dr., Solvay, NY. Extant.

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