Archimedes Russell

The period following the Civil War saw a tremendous building boom in the United States -- and Central New York was very much a part of this explosion.  The population of Syracuse alone doubled in the years between 1880 and 1900.

Archimedes Russell was one of the area's busiest architects during this hectic period.  He completed nearly 850 commissions during his forty-three year career, almost all of them in central New York.  He was responsible for almost 600 commissions in the Syracuse area alone.  By 1900 Russell had contributed more to the architecture of central New York than any other architect.

Born in Andover, Massachusetts in 1840, Russell received his early training from his father, a carpenter-builder, and John Stevens, a prominent Boston architect.  At the age of 22, Russell came to Syracuse and joined the office of the city's leading architect, Horatio Nelson White.  He opened his own office in 1868.  From 1873 to 1881 he served as a professor of architecture at Syracuse University.  In 1906 Russell took Melvin L. King as his partner and the firm was renamed Russell and King.

Russell was not only the city's most prolific architect following the Civil War, he was also one of its most resourceful.  As they became available, he mastered the use of new techniques and materials growing out of America's growing technological capabilities, for instance cast ornamental panels composed of terra cotta and iron.  A local newspaper article said of Russell, "His repertoire of styles and devices for ornamentation was endless and he was able to give the people of an era when prestige and ostentation were held synonymous exactly what they wanted."

The Fourth Onondaga County Court House
401 Montgomery Street

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
259 East Onondaga Street

Hendricks Block
120 East Fayette Street

Snow Building
216 South Warren Street

Third National Bank
107 James Street

St. John the Evangelist Rectory
214 North State Street

Snowdon Apartments
400 James Street

First English Lutheran Church (Russell and King) 501 James Street

The Alvord House
1818 South Salina

Park Central Presbyterian Church
504 E. Fayette Street

Central High School
S. Warren and E. Adams

C. W. Snow House
N.W. corner Harrison & University Ave. (1900)

Crouse Memorial College
Crouse Drive

Von Ranke Library
(now S. U. Administration Building)Crouse Drive (1889)

St. Lucy's Church and Academy
432 Gifford Street (1872)

George D. Whedon House
762 W. Onondaga Street (1890)

F. W. Gridley House
749 W. Onondaga Street

Conrad Loos Building
836 Butternut Street

House of Providence
1654 W. Onondaga Street (1908)

St. Anthony of Padua Church
1513 Midland Avenue (1910)

McGraw Hall, Tower
Cornell University


George Zett House
702 Danforth Street (1899)

Charles Frank House
700 Danforth Street (1899)

St. Anthony's Convent
(now Maria Regina College)
900 Court Street (1896)

Howard Soule Residence
James Street

The McCarthy Warehouse
(Edwards' Annex)
W. Washington & S. Clinton

Central High School, corner S. Warren and E. Adams St. (1901-1902)

David H. Burrell Mansion
1 Overlook Lane
Little Falls, NY (1886)

West Sibley Halls
Cornell University, NY (1870)

William Kellogg Residence
Herkimer, NY (1881)

Phillips Free Library
Herkimer, NY (1903)

Crawford Mower Works
Cazenovia, NY (1876)

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