Paul Hueber

Paul Hueber was born into a family of builders. While a student at the Department of Architecture at Syracuse University, he was awarded the Luther Gifford Prize for excellence in design. After graduation from Syracuse in 1916, he apprenticed with Warren & Whetmore in New York City and then founded the architectural firm in Syracuse which continues today as Hueber, Hares & Glavin.

Paul Hueber was an active member of the local chapter of the A.I.A. and served as president from 1940-41.

Churches and Related Buildings
  • St. Joseph's Church, 1925, Oneida, NY.
  • St. Mary's Church School, 1925, Rome, NY.
  • St. Bartholomew's Church, 1927, Norwich, NY. Extant.
  • Blessed Sacrament and Convent School, 1930, James St., Syracuse, NY.
  • School Addition and Convent, St. Anthony of Padua, 1936, Midland Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

Schools and Community Buildings

  • Merrick School, 1953 (Perderson & Hueber), South Avenue, Syracuse, NY. Extant

Business, Banking and Light Industry

  • Himnan-Boynton Granite Co, 1916, Castle St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.
  • Syracuse Bldg. (Syracuse-Kemper Bldg.), 1927-31, Harrison St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Kelvinator Bldg., 1928, Syracuse, NY.
  • Goodell Beauty Salon, 1928.
  • Commercial Bldgs., for Frank G. Shattuck, 1930, Marshall St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.
  • Helmer, Inc. Bldg., 1936, 430 S. Warren St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.
  • Rainbow Lounge, Hotel Syracuse, 1936, S. Warren St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.
  • 232, 236, 252, 256, Shotwell Parkway., Syracuse, NY. 1930s. Extant
  • Robert E. Page House, 1923, 209 Sedgewick Dr., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Dr. Thomas Halstead House, 1924, 310 Sedgwick Dr., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Mrs. Nelson Snow House., 1925, 310 Sedgewick Dr., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • J.F. O'Donnell House, 1927, 318 Sedgewick Dr., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Stuart B. Taylor House, 1927, 400 Sedgewick Dr., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Louis Steigerwald House, 1928, 264 Brattle St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Tyler Gregory House, 1929, 201 Brattle Rd., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • John Berryhill House, 1937, 529 Scott Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Frank T. Miller House (Hueber Bros.), 501 Brookford Rd., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Fredrick Miller House, 1925, 1050 James St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.
  • William Choguill House, 1933, 310 Brookford Rd., Syracuse, NY. Extant.
  • Byrne Hueber House, 1929, Lyndon Rd., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

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