Albert L. Brockway

Albert Brockway was born in Utica in 1865, attended the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, then studied architecture at L'École des Beaux Arts in Paris. In the early years of his professional life he was associated with Ernest Flagg in New York. In Syracuse he was in partnership with John P. Benson (1898-1905) and Alfred Taylor (1905-07).

From 1893-95 Brockway served as Professor of Architecture at Syracuse University where he revised the curriculum to more closely follow that of L'École des Beaux Arts.

From 1913 to 1914 he was construction architect with the New York State Architect. He served as consulting architect for the New York State Agricultural College at Cornell and the State Capitol in Albany.

From 1915-1933 he was a member of the State Board of Examiners for registration of architects. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, he was also an active member of the local chapter and its president in 1933.

Brockway was a member of the Beaux Arts Society and chairman of the first City Planning Commission of Syracuse in 1918. He received a personal award from Governor Roosevelt for his plan to extend the State Fair Grounds, for which he also designed three buildings.

Brockway published several articles:

  • "The influence of the French School of Design upon Architecture in America," American Architect and Building News 66, Nov. 25, 1899, p. 61+.

  • "The Department of Architecture and the State Architect of the State of New York," The American Architect 117, 1920, pp. 34-41.

  • "Observations on Types of Memorials," The American Architect 115, 1919, pp.511-514.

  • "The Story of the Office of the Supervising Architect," The American Architect 141, June, 1932, pp.38+.

Public Buildings

  • Phoenix Village Hall (now Sweet Memorial Bldg.), 1928. Phoenix, NY. Extant.

  • Post Office (now Rome Historical Society Building), 1933-35, 200 Church Street
    Rome, NY. Extant.

  • Horticultural Building, State Fair Grounds, 1937, Syracuse, NY (Brockway & Bennet). Extant.

  • Pure Foods Building, State Fair Grounds, 1937, Syracuse, NY (Brockway & Bennet). Extant.

  • Farm Machinery Building, State Fair Grounds, 1937, Syracuse, NY (Brockway & Bennet). Destroyed by fire.


  • St. Luke's Hospital, 1893, New York, NY., Flagg, Benson and Brockway.

  • Good Shepard Hospital, 1896, (alterations), Marshall Street, Syracuse, NY., Benson & Brockway.

  • City Hospital, 1899, Auburn, NY.

  • Nurses' Home, 1899, Auburn, NY.

Schools and Community Buildings

  • Medical College (now Peck Hall), 1897, E. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY. Benson and Brockway.

  • Central Grammar Shool, 1899, Auburn, NY., Brockway & Taylor.

  • High School, 1899, Sherbourne, NY.

  • Elementary School, Willow Street, Syracuse, NY.

  • Addition to Central High School, c. Adams and Warren Streets, Syracuse, NY. Extant

Business, Banking and Light Industry

  • D. Mason & Co. Bldg. 1897, Syracuse, NY., Benson & Brockway.

  • Bank of Syracuse Building, 1898, Hanover Square, Syracuse, NY. Extant

  • Addition to Third National Bank, 1926, c. Salina and James Streets, Syracuse, NY., Extant.

Apartment Houses and Residences

  • Willis Holden Res., 1893, 519 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, NY.

  • William Nottingham Res. (now SU Chancellor's residence), 1901, 701 Walnut Avenue, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Charles Schoneck residence, 1924, 311 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Senator Holden Res., 1902, 1100 James St., Syracuse, NY. Benson & Brockway. Demolished.

  • Helen Dunn Res., c 1904, 401 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

  • Mrs. M.A. Stevens Res., 1910, 1309 E. Adams St., c. Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • W. Spalding Res., 1912, 405 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

  • Edward Dann Res., 1914,  E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

  • Andrew De Mott Res., 1914, E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished

  • Crouse Klock Res., 1914, E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY. Demolished.

  • Schopfer Court, 1917-, James St., Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Frank Channing Soule Res., 1917, 1054 James St., Syracuse, NY (Benson & Brockway). Extant.

  • Albert Brockway Res., c. 1919, 403 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, NY. Demolished in 2005 to make way for parking garage.

  • Dr. Doust Res., 1929-31, 108 Wendell Terrace, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Residence, corner Allen and Genesee streets, Syracuse, NY. Extant.

  • Residence, 215 Highland Ave., Syracuse NY., (brown shingle)

  • H. W. Duguid Res., 316 Highland Ave. Syracuse, NY. Extant

  • "Highfields" (Chase Res.?), Rd. 92 (?), from Lyndon Corner to Manlius, NY.

  • William Candee Farm, (later known as "Knollwood", Brookway's farm). Dewitt, NY., remodeled.

  • J. William Black Res., 1904, 1419 (?) James St., Syracuse, NY., Brockway & Taylor.

  • Hendrick Holden Res., 1904, 1000 James St., Syracuse, NY., Brockway & Taylor.

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