Harriet May Mills House
1072 West Genesee

New York State Senator John DeFrancisco and Harriet May Mills (aka Rachel Crawford) outside the Harriet May Mills house.

In October, 2004, the Harriet May Mills house opened as a home for women recovering from addictions. A few years earlier it had been  scheduled for  demolition to make way for a car wash.

Harriet May Mills was a nationally renowned suffragette whose guests included Frederick Douglass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony.

On June 28, 2000 Beth Crawford of PACNY presented Hillary Rodham Clinton, then a candidate for the U.S. Senate, a copy of Harriet May Mills' biography during a campaign stop in Syracuse. Eventually, $750,000 in state, federal, city money was raised for this restoration effort.

Portrait of Harriet May Mills by Rachel Bulley Trump, dated 1939
Courtesy NYS Fair, Harriet May Mills Memorial - Art & Home Center

Harriet May Mills was an important figure in the state and national woman's suffrage movements. She was:

  • President of the New York Suffrage Association
  • Founder of the Onondaga County Women's Democratic Club,
  • The first woman to run for Secretary of State in New York State in 1920.

Her 1860's brick Italianate home at 1072 West Genesee Street is situated on a large lot on the NE corner of Liberty Street and West Genesee.