Alexander Brown House
726 W. Onondaga Boulevard

Alexander T. Brown was one of the founders of Brown-Lipe-Chapin Company which later became part of General Motors.  He invented the Smith Premier typewriter, the L.C. Smith Breech-loading shotgun as well as various devices for use in automobiles.

The Alexander Brown home is an example of domestic "Romanesque Revival" architecture. Designed by Gordon Wright and built of Potsdam sandstone, it was completed in 1895. It once had a hydraulic elevator that ran from the basement to the attic.

The interior was extensively altered in 1947 to create offices for a group of physicians (In 1964 the sign above the door says "The Professional Building" and the marquee near the sidewalk announces the offices for two M.D.'s and a dentist). Fortunately, the "debris" left from the remodeling included much of the original trim, mantelpieces, sliding doors, etc., and the interior was largely restored to its original elegance.

In 2001, although a bit overgrown, the home still stands. It is now owned by a local architectural firm.  Today -- reflecting the changed character of the neighborhood -- the marquee now reads "Securetec Security Systems."

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