Kirk Fireproof Building
Northwest Corner of West Fayette Street and South Salina Street

This seven-story brick commercial building had ornate capitals and brick molded to resemble fluted pilasters. It was designed by Charles E. Colton for William B. Kirk, mayor of Syracuse and vice president of both the New Process Hide Company and the Kirk Brick Company.

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When the building opened in 1891 it offered 167 offices, hot and cold water on every floor and two large open-grilled elevators.  The builders claimed the building was completely fireproof; only the office floors, doors and casings were made of oak with the rest being brick, marble and iron.

"Architecture Worth Saving" said of the building, "It has changed owners several times and the shops at the street level have been remodeled, but it has been in continuous use and is still one of the city's major office buildings."

The Kirk Fireproof Building, and all other structures on this block, were demolished in 1970 to make way for One Lincoln Center and its plaza.

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