Masonic Temple

318-322 Montgomery Street
Gaggin & Gaggin, architects

The Masons occupied this building for almost 70 years, from its completion in 1917 until 1985.  In 1985 the building was purchased by the Metropolitan School for the Arts.  The drill halls and men's club were converted to recital halls, a theatre, a gallery and administrative offices.  A ceramic panel on the third floor depicts the creation myth of the Iroquois.

The building is constructed of concrete with a veneer of brick.  Limestone is used in the trim around the windows as well as the pediments above the doors.  The facade is composed of five bays.  Decorations include copper spandrels and a decorative cornice.

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Photos by David Bridges


East elevation


East entrace detail

Meeting Hall, First Floor

View Toward the Southwest Corner

View toward the Northwest Corner

1st Floor Office with View onto Montgomery Street - Artifacts from Metropolitan School of the Arts

View toward the Northeast Corner - Exit is left of center

Door to office area is at center

View Toward the North - 2nd floor hallway is behind the upper center latticework

On the East Side of the North Wall

View Toward the Southwest from the 2nd Floor

Second Floor Hallway View Toward the West

Decorative corbel

East Wall Decoration

Ceremonial Room, First Floor

Large Dais

Fisheye Projection

Large Dais

Dramatic Lighting, View from Balcony

Large Dais

Full Lighting, View from Floor Level

Small Dais on Wall Opposite Large Dais

Small Dais and Balcony

Ceremonial Room, Third Floor

Large Dais

View from Balcony

Large Dais

View from Floor Level

Small Dias and Balcony on Wall Opposite Large Dias

Auditorium, Third Floor

3rd Floor Lobby -

Doors into Auditorium

3rd Floor Lobby -

Door to Auditorium, Hall, Stairs

3rd Floor Lobby -

Windows Overlooking Montgomery Street

View Toward the Stage

Organ Loft and Balcony Seats

Organ Loft

As seem from the Balcony

Balcony Seats

As Seen From the Organ Loft


As seen from the 4th Floor

Detail of Stage Border
Third Floor Auditorium

Border left side of stage

Border above stage

Border right side of stage


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