A Plan for the Mizpah

Here is the plan offered by Syracuse businessman Alan Isserlis and Atlanta developer Rick Skelton. It would convert Mizpah towers into a "boutique" hotel and "urban spa."



Lower floor

First floor

Second floor mezz.


1st floor hall




Architectural Concept

Preservation, adaptation, and scope: these are the guiding parameters that will result in a highly
sculptural organizational system that ties together the major components of the project.

Architecturally, the program at hand is not uncommon. What separates the Mizpah Tower from similar projects is the building’s split personality—a beautiful cathedral, which is to be restored and used as a auditorium ballroom and banquet space, juxtaposed with the modern facilities to be installed in the structure’s Gothic enclosure.

In order to avoid creating an edifice that is merely a collection of different rooms, a unifying device is
necessary. We have settled on a steel, glass and copper-clad elliptical volume that will define the
lobby as well as slice through all the other programmatic elements. This volume interacts with a
concrete, steel and glass floating circulation catwalk that will guide visitors to their destinations.

This device successfully unites the major elements of the program, and, by setting up contrasts between each of the spaces it touches, is clearly identified.