500 South Warren Street
Architects: George B. Post & Sons, New York

Postcard 1920's (Source: Onondaga Public Library)

Other buildings by George B. Post & Sons The Olympic Four Seasons is Seattle's only 5-star hotel.

John and Yoko at the Hotel Syracuse. In 1971, Ringo Starr, Phil Spector, Allen Ginsberg, Phil Oaks and others converged on Syracuse to be with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.











View from Warren Street
(Source: Hotel Syracuse)

When the Hotel Syracuse was completed in 1924, it included retail stores at street level, an emergency hospital, and 612 rooms with baths.  Tennis, squash and handball courts were located on the roof.

The Three towers, connected at the base, resemble classical columns.  Different materials and ornamentation are used to differentiate the column division into base, shaft and capital.  Light sandstone is used at the base and to frame windows in the "capital," red brick is used to face the shaft.

The most elegant meeting room was the Persian Terrace on the main level.  The Rainbow Room, named for the tubular lighting within the glass-block entrance, was added in 1937 following Prohibition.

In 1948 Carl Roters was commissioned to complete a 40-foot mural in the lobby depicting people and events from Syracuse's early history.  This has since been covered over during remodeling.  Four additional works, also painted by Roters on walnut panels, have been removed from the Cavalier Room.

Numerous celebrities have visited the Hotel Syracuse over the decades. These include at least five U.S. Presidents: Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. In addition there was aviator Charles Lindbergh, entertainers Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon with Yoko Ono.

In the 1990's the Hotel Syracuse fell into bankruptcy and has been struggling financially ever since.  Its future remains uncertain.

Original 10th floor plan (Source: Hotel Syracuse)


Original 3rd floor plan (Source: Hotel Syracuse)

Images from the collection of the Hotel Syracuse

Groundbreaking for new hotel in 1922

Child movie star Jackie Coogan at opening ceremony August 16, 1924.

In later life Coogan played Uncle Fester on the Adams Family TV show. Coogan was born in Syracuse.

September 1, 1924

Cover of the Herald Tribune, Souvenir Edition, announcing the opening of the Hotel Syracuse.

1st floor dining room.

Grand ballroom set for dinner.

Grand ballroon set as auditorium

Conference room set for dinner.

Hotel readingroom

Lobby in the 1980s.

Grand ballroon in 1980s.

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